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Guided Personal Practice

A boutique experience for when you want to deepen your practice and engage in a more individualized yoga encounter.

In your guided personal practice, an instructor will come to you - your location and your physical ability - and we will work from there. Whether your goals include gaining strength and flexibility, or you want to have greater clarity and mental focus, or anywhere in between, we will work together to achieve your goals. 

We are equipped to provide a personalized yoga experience on a variety of levels an to individuals of varying abilities. From chair yoga to powerful Hatha and Vinyasa practices to pranayama and meditation, each meeting caters your specific needs. 

What to Expect

After receiving your intake information, at our first meeting we will discuss in detail your goals, challenges, strengths and expectations. We will also take several minutes to move through several asanas to better gauge your current range of motion, stamina, and balance. After this initial session, a plan will be created for you and provide structure for subsequent meetings based on your goals and frequency of practice. Each meeting, you will have the opportunity to share your current physical and mental wellbeing and make adjustments to the day's practice accordingly. Practitioners are most successful when they commit to at least once a week and show up for themselves consistently. The more you practice, the more connection you will feel with yourself and the more present you will feel in your relationships and day to day life.

Instructors will come to you, in a space you find comfortable and safe, in person or online. Space may be available at the center for holistic healing as well. Sessions start at $75 per hour, travel fees apply for locations outside of Milledgeville. Discounts available for monthly and annual pre-paid accounts.

Ready to get started? Complete this intake form and email Liz at

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