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Jun 7, 2023 - Jul 26, 2023

Beat the Hump!

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Love your body - Beat the Hump! Life today constantly pulls us forward and our bodies (especially our shoulders and neck) are telling us it is NO GOOD! For 8 weeks this summer, work with Liz to counter the effects of your desk job, hours in the car, all the work you do from your phone, and whatever else pulls you forward and inward. We cannot change the demands of life, but we can change how we respond to it. For eight weeks, we will work to open and strengthen the neck, shoulders, back AND chest (did you know a lot of your neck and shoulder pain actually comes from a tight and weak chest?!?). We will kick off with a ninety minute in-person class on Hump Day, June 7. Then, each Wednesday for the next six weeks, I will drop a video with a short series of exercises you can do any (or every day) to continue to beat the hump. These recorded sessions will last 5 - 15 minutes and are designed for you to squeeze in a little here and there to maintain mindfulness throughout the weeks of the work we are doing. We will conclude on July 26 for a second in=person class to wrap up your work from the last two months and celebrate how far you have come! I will also record the sequences for the two face-to-face classes for you to revisit any time you like! To register, click book now below! Once booking is confirmed, access to the online program will be granted. If you have any questions at all, please reach out!

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