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A boutique yoga experience

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Listen to Your Body

Our souls were meant to be content – not that everything must be perfect; not that we have to be happy all day every day, but at the end of each day we can look back and feel a sense of satisfaction. In the world today, we see so much sadness and so much hurt, we work so hard for results we never see, we become more and more disconnected from our community, leaving us to operate with our bodies and minds in discord with one another and with the natural world. Through asana and pranayama practice, Soul Rebellion works to reduce the dissonance, to bring the body and the mind back into harmony with life itself.

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I make sure to give my clients the utmost attention and dedication they deserve. Check out what’s being said about Soul Rebellion Yoga, and see why yoga practice can be life changing.

Why Private Practice:

Each unique human has individual circumstances, problems, preferences, and experiences, and thus encounters and approaches life in a customized way attuned to the way in which we walk through the world. Our yoga practice needs to take that same approach – attuned to our specific needs, goals, and challenges. Private practice provides just that experience.

What to Expect:

For our first meeting, I will arrive at your home, or designated location, and we will discuss in detail your current physical condition, set goals for private practice, and practice a few basic movements to explore comfort, strength, and limitations. In the following sessions, I will walk you through sequences that allow you to explore the sensations within your body and progress toward your goals. I may encourage you to practice certain exercises between our meetings to deepen your experience and further your evolution.

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Liz makes coming to the mat very accessible. She works diligently with my challenges and furthers my goals. Our sessions are tailored to make steady progress while intentionally exploring the sensations of movement. Our time together is productive and enjoyable.

I highly recommend connecting with Liz. I have found that she is certainly a very amiable, professional and responsive business person, as well as thorough, adaptive and experienced as an instructor. My private sessions are both personalized and energizing for my busy schedule...everyone should be so fortunate.



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Located in Milledgeville, GA

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